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PostSubject: >>>REPAIRS<<<   >>>REPAIRS<<< EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 11:17 am

I have come to realize that I am exceptionally good at diagnosing mal-functions with airsoft guns and troubleshooting the problems that arrise. I have A LOT of internal parts for gearboxes that was left-over from my Echo 1. Unfortunately I paid $230.00 for that Echo 1, and I dont want to lose any money on it. I have fixed a couple guns with the parts from my Echo 1. I am currently trying to Purchase a KWA M4A1, but the funds arent there...and being a home-owner doesnt help with property taxes and Ad-Valorem taxes right around the corner. So from now on...if you have an airsoft gun that is not functioning properly...or not functioning at all, I will fix it. You will be charged for the price of the part(s) and a small labor fee (which I havent decided yet). But I can promise you will be cheaper than sending it to an airsoft tech, and you also wont have to worry about paying S&H. If you need to get a hold of me, you can message me here with your name and phone number and I will contact ASAP. Thanks Everyone.
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